Gifts from the Soul

Audio Download

This 77 minute CD, recorded by Connie Kaplan, guides you into the potential states of dreaming that open to you as you drift into the velvety blackness of sleep.

People around the world are reporting that this recording has CURED their sleeping disorders. By simply listening to the encoded messages and Connie’s melodious voice before bed, clients have stopped taking sleep medications and begun to experience profound nourishment in their sleeping/dreaming experiences again!

Gifts from the Soul is also available as one digital book ($7.99) at, or as four small digital books ($2.99 each) also at  You’ll enjoy having both – the little books to read and the mp3 to hear,  I promise!

More and more people seem to have challenges with sleep these days. Let these beautiful words guide you to a deep, peaceful, meaningful sleep each night that will transform your waking awareness.

Kaplan’s work asks us to graduate from the school of thought that traps us in a psychological perspective, and to wake up into the realization that dreaming is a necessary and sacred act, performed by every single human being, every night. We all share the act of dreaming, which when properly understood, brings us universal peace.

Book 1—Personal Dreaming will help you use the personal and psychological messages of dreamtime to lift yourself out of a myopic worldview into a realization that we are all one, and that through our dreams we are profoundly interconnected.

Book 2—Collective Dreaming, you will see the magic of telepathy, clairvoyance, and prophesy at work in your dreaming. You’ll learn to be graceful and elegant with your gift of seeing the unseen.

Book 3—Transformative Dreaming will walk with you through the halls of dream school, giving you direct experience in the profound internal transformation that can and does take place within you as a result of dreaming.

Book 4—Philanthropic Dreaming reveals that at a certain point in our spiritual development, we become capable of being in service to the evolution of humanity. Our dreams change radically then, and we become philanthropic—benevolent, altruistic, generous, unselfish, and compassionate—in our dreams. This attitude wakes up with us, too, and we find our waking life to be filled with gratitude and gratification.