The Invisible Garment WorkbookThe Invisible Garment Workbook

Price: $300.00

When you order a workbook, you really receive a “book of life” for yourself. Your workbook is totally personalized to your invisible garment pattern. Each of your principles is broken down into manageable, understandable pieces for you to contemplate, digest, and learn to radiate (sun picture).

Each segment of your garment pattern has the following:

  • a definition of the segment
  • a definition of the principle itself
  • a description of the outer focus of principle
  • a description of the inner focus of the principle
  • a discussion of the astrological sign in which that principle resides
  • a discussion of the elemental influence of the principle
  • a discussion of the astrological house in which the principle resides
  • a meditation guideline for each principle
  • a space for writing, art work, and your own creative input

In addition, there are several pages that let you overview your principles so that you can see the balances and challenges of your personal garment.

You will receive the 220 page workbook as a printable pdf which you can put in a binder to which you may add pages for the rest of your life! Most people find that they “do” the workbook over the course of a few months, and then when they look at it again later, they’re ready to start at the beginning, discovering new things about themselves with each “re-do”!

Here’s an e-mail I got from someone who had just received his workbook:

I had to tell you that I’ve just begin to read my Mid-heaven & Sun Principle in the workbook and I’m flabbergasted, it brings the invisible garment book to another octave for me. If I had one comment to say to people about the workbook it would be GET IT!! I already feel my invisible garment as my light body, enlightening my body, heart and mind as I integrate the wisdom of the insights that you share with us so Graciously.

Jean-Pierre Comeau