What is Soul?

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The angels were emphatic that most humans misunderstand and misuse the word “soul.”  They want us to realize that the Human Soul is one unified field of consciousness from which each of us emanates.  We don’t “have a soul” - we are instead an ambassador from the Soul into form.  On that Soul Level we are all one - in form we are all unique, different, individuated.  We’re not here to “learn lessons for the soul.”  What an arrogant statement.  The Soul Knows - it doesn’t need us to teach it anything or learn anything in its behalf.  When we learn to look at each other as individuations from our Oneness, [...]

What is a Soul Cluster?

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You incarnated with a small group of other beings, all carrying the same energy from the Soul, but with slightly different aspects of “the gift.”  As a group, you rely on each other (even though you  mostly likely don’t know each other) throughout your lifetime.  For example, within your soul cluster, one person may be in charge of holding the “sanity kite string” (being emotionally and psychologically stable in behalf of the whole group), while someone else may be called into social activism, someone else may be a student developing your cluster’s mental skills, while someone else may be the spiritual practitioner, holding that “cosmic connection” for you all.  Together, albeit [...]

Why Do We Incarnate?

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It’s simple.  We incarnate to deliver a gift from the level of Soul to the human family.  The angels asked me to write down this information to correct errors that most humans hold about the reason for an incarnation.  We’ve become enamored of certain ideas:  that the world is a classroom and we’re here to learn lessons; that we’re hear to burn or create karma; that we’re here to evolve our souls.  No, not the case, according to this body of work.  We’re here simply because Soul (the One Soul) heard a call and created a response.  Something in the human family needed an infusion of the gift that YOU have [...]