It’s time to wake up and fulfill YOUR purpose. The world is rapidly changing and your unique gifts are needed. How do you get started? Know Thyself! This Know Thyself reading will give you the blueprint of the Spiritual Principles that have guided and influenced you throughout your lifetime. Manifesting your life PURPOSE will become clearer – easier with this blueprint. The reading includes your spiritual principles, a detailed description of each, and YOUR personal I AM Mantra.

Connie Kaplan uses your personal birth information to compile this reading just for you – unique to you. This totally personalized reading comes to you via e-mail in the form of a pdf which you can print and read again and again over the years. The meaning will change for you as you grow and develop your spiritual understandings of your life purpose. The Invisible Garment Book includes everything else you need to really understand why you are here and truly KNOW THYSELF.

IMPORTANT Please Read: In order to create your Know Thyself Document we need your birth information.  Please send the information below as soon as possible to

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