Stepping Gently into your Invisible Garment

We’ve created this package for you if you’re ready to take a gentle first step into a journey that will eventually result in a profound transformation in the way you understand the purpose of your incarnation.

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Here’s what you will receive:

Audio Know Thyself Reading
~this Audio Know Thyself reading outlines the blueprint of the Spiritual Principles that have guided and influenced you throughout your lifetime. Manifesting your life purpose will become clearer – easier with this blueprint. Listening to Connie Kaplan outline your spiritual principles and your personal I AM Mantra, opens portals and stirs ancient memories for you. We recommend listening to it before bedtime – or in the night when you wake up.  We use your personal birth information to compile this reading just for you – unique to you.

Living your Sun Principle – Audio Class
~because your sun principle is your primary gift to life, it’s very important that you understand it fully – inside out. Connie has recorded over two hours of instructions about how to fully understand your GIFT. Listen here for an overview of why she created this class:

Digital Book
~if you have the digital book, the words are always with you! You can carry them in your smart phone in case you need quick reference to your principles. This digital book is your spiritual Google!

TIG Audio Book
~although you may own a hardback copy of the book (and we suggest that you should because it is a wonderful reference book to keep nearby forever,) listening to Connie Kaplan’s gentle voice often puts people into a meditative state that allows them to hear the information more deeply and understand it more clearly.