This may be the most important question of the entire body of this work.  So often people contact me and say “How can I use this principle?” My answer is always the same.  “You can’t.  The principles aren’t things you can pull out of your tool box.  They aren’t to be used. . .THEY USE YOU.”  Your job is to get your willfulness and your need to be in control to relax so that these principles can use you to have access to the world.

This is a major major major change of perspective that the invisible garment work asks of you.  The new way of looking at an incarnation is this:  you are here to deliver a gift, and that gift is YOU.  All you have to do is BE the principles in your pattern.  It’s simple:  It’s hard.  You’ve been carefully programmed to believe that you are in charge – that you create  your reality – that you are the author of your own life.  Then along comes this body of information that says this:  You were born carrying a specific configuration of energy that is perfect, beautiful, and inviolate.  If you simply put down all your urges to be in control, and allow your own divine perfect self to show up, your life will unfold in ways far beyond anything you could have imagined!

How do you do it?  Practice.  Notice.  Listen.  At times when you least expect it, your principles will show up and take over and show you Who You Are.  Soon enough, you’ll start seeing it often and you’ll just relax into it.