What does the “inner focus” mean? Should I pay attention to the specific organs in my body that correspond to the inner focus of my principles?

When we refer to the “inner focus” of a principle, we’re not exactly talking about a physical body part.  We’re talking about your understanding of the intention/function of the physical organ or body part.  In other words, the principle acts as that organ in the cosmic body.

Skin is the inner focus of Humility.  Skin creates a permeable membrane between the “in here” and the “out there.”  Humility performs that function in the cosmic body because Humility asks humans to know themselves authentically – to know who they are in their most interior experiences, what role they play in the external context of the human species, and how to bridge the two.

When you look at the inner focus of your principles, don’t let yourself get obsessed with “my stomach” or “my lungs” . . . instead think about how Creativity operates as the cosmic stomach, consider how Reciprocity functions as the lungs of the universe.